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Insurance and Probate valuations

Rumsey’s Fine Jewellery Ltd provide a personalised bespoke appraisal and valuation service for their discerning clients.

We are able to provide detailed valuations with embedded images to satisfy the insurance market and ensure your valuable items are insured to the full replacement value in the event of a loss under your insurance coverage.

The fee charged for this service is 1% including VAT per valuation item, subject to a minimum fee of £35.00 per valuation item.

For example:

Item value £2,500  –  Fee £35.00

Item value £3,500  –  Fee £35.00

Item value £4,500  –  Fee £45.00

Item value £9,500  –  Fee £95.00

FREE insurance valuations are provided for any item purchased at Rumsey’s Fine Jewellery Ltd

We can also provide Probate valuations if these unfortunately become required.